Aqua Joe AJFJH75B 75-Foot 1/2-Inch Ultra-Flexible Fiberjacket, Garden Hose

$19.95 $59.95

Say goodbye to tangled, kinked and heavy hoses with the Superlight Fiber Jacket Garden Hose from AQUA JOE. Constructed from a rugged, marine-grade fiber jacket surrounding a half-inch, flexible inner core, AQUA JOE is abrasion-resistant, so it's safe on delicate and painted surfaces - no scratching, scuffing or snagging. The innovative, dual-layer design is crush-proof and built to withstand the toughest treatment all while maintaining flexibility down to 35°F. A standard garden hose will burst at a pressure of about 200 PSI. But, AQUA JOE Fiber Jacket is burst-rated to withstand 300 so it won't crack under pressure. Plus, AQUA JOE innovative, dual-layer design is up to 50% lighter than conventional hoses. AquaJoe Fiber Jacket is the compact, heavy-duty hose that's easy to lift, but built to last. Plus, AQUA JOE is weather plus mildew resistant and dries quickly, so you don't have to pick up a heavy, wet or slippery hose. Equipped with durable nylon fittings for a secure, leak-proof connection, AQUA JOE is kink-, twist- and tangle-free for uninterrupted flow when watering your yard plus garden. AQUA JOE Fiber Jacket comes in a variety of the most popular lengths to fit any size yard, auto, boat and more. So GET EQUIPPED with the last hose you'll need. The Superlight Fiber Jacket Garden Hose from AQUA JOE.
  • BPA-free, lead-free and phthalate-free
  • Up to 50% lighter than conventional hoses
  • Great for the car plus boat enthusiasts - rip- plus abrasion-resistant fabric won't scratch or damage painted surfaces
  • Rugged, marine grade fiber jacket construction surrounding a half-inch flexible inner core
  • No scratching, scuffing or snagging
  • 1/2 in. hose diameter fits standard spigots and accessories
  • Maintains flexibility down to 35°F
  • 300 psi burst rated
  • Kink-, twist- and tangle-free for uninterrupted flow
  • Durable nylon fittings for reliable connections