Coniler Hearing Aids Rechargeable, Intelligent Volume Memory Digital Hearing Amplifier for Seniors and adults (1 pc)


  • This digital hearing amplifier, a personal sound aid device suitable for seniors and adults. It's designed to relive the beauty of sound for you.
  • Peaks sound gain 40dB, With digital chip and strengthen the surrounding vocals, weaken the environmental noise, feedback suppression and background reduction.
  • The hearing device have 3 Different modes for different environments, the collected sound is divided into frequency regions for separated analysis, processing, suitable for quiet, noisy, strong noise environments, respectively.
  • This Is a USB rechargeable hearing amplifier, so you don't have to buy extra the button battery. It Can Work For 48 Hours After Charging For 2-3 Hours.
  • One button to adjust the volume, one button to adjust the channel and one button to switch Off/On, even the elderly can use it easily.