Covert QRL 4 Warrior Hockey Stick, Right Hand (Used,Good) *PickupOnly - F

$149.95 $250.00


Warrior Covert QRL Grip Senior Composite Stick - Extra Long

Most people will agree that it would be hard to beat the performance and feel of the Covert QR1 stick. Introducing the Covert QRL.. the redesigned stick acknowledges the success of its predecessors and improves the feel and durability with a Minimus carbon technology and an enhances taper system.

The Minimus Carbon 1000 blend of fibers offers a high strength yet lightweight composite in a flat weave design. The flat fiber provides a 12K high modulus and is extremely lightweight to enhance the construction technology. The shaft and blade also feature an aerospace inspired carbon composite weave design. In general, Minimus Carbon 1000 is 40% stronger, 20% stiffer and 10% lighter than the standard design. 

The True1 design works hand in hand with this carbon technology creating a stick and blade that are made with the same carbon composite all in one process. The True1 design also helps provide better balance and reduces the overall weight of the finished product. An improved Dagger taper III design slims the unique profile while maintaining strength to create a Low-Kick flex that is easy to load and offers a lightning quick release.

The QRL sticks are finished with a pro CorTex grip that has a textured surface coupled with a tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands in place for optimum control. If you’ve been considering a change to Warrior, there has never been a better time.