Cromwell & Cruthers Shaving Oil For Sensitive Skin 100% All Natural- 15ml

Cromwell and Cruthers



Cromwell & Cruthers Shaving Oil is a unique approach to hair removal that will rid you of dry skin and razor bumps forever.

  • Made from 100% natural essential oils. Great for Sensitive Skin!
  • 100 Shaves per bottle vs. 50 from a can of foam or gel!
  • Prevents dry skin, nicks and razor bumps – zero friction!
  • Eliminates the need for aftershaves and facial moisturizers
  • Great for Detail Shaving of goatees, sideburns and beards
  • Unique lubrication for use with both Electric and Blade razors
  • Convenient 15ml size great for travel

Use Cromwell & Cruthers Shaving Oil to shave:
Face • Head • Chest • Underarms • Legs • Bikini