Cygnett Samsung Galaxy S4 UrbanShield Silver

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$6.95 $39.95

Protected and still sleek and modern, the Cygnett UrbanShield case keeps your Samsung Galaxy S4 safe and looks good while doing it. With a tough brushed aluminium exterior you will never have to worry about damaging your precious possession again.
Dual Material

To give your phone double the protection of a normal case, the UrbanShield is made up of not only the base case, but also a brushed aluminium case that will help absorb the shock if you do accidentally drop it while on the go.

Slim Fit

Despite its rugged looking, tough exterior the Cygnett UrbanShield case still offers a slim fitting case that won't make your phone look too bulky or awkward. Offer your phone the best in protection without having to sacrifice the ultra-slim design of the Samsung Galaxy S4

Full Functionality

Don't worry about the idea of not being able to fully use your phone or access the ports, the Cygnett UrbanShield case won't get in the way at all. Don't sacrifice functionality for protection, with the Cygnett UrbanShield case you no longer have to choose.