NEW DOWNFORT Side Sleeper Down Pillow, Smooth Breathing, Ergonomics Bed Pillow

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About this item

  • Specially Developed for Side Sleeping: We have been researching human sleeping habits and body shape characteristics, and based on the data collected, we have developed this side sleeping pillow, which can meet your any side sleeping position. Better quality pillows lead to better quality sleep.
  • Red Dot Design Award and A' Design Award: This feather pillow has won the 2021 Italian A Design Award Iron Award and the 2022 German Red Dot Award, with powerful functions and innovative appearance design, it consists of 2 parts.
  • Soft and Supportive: The upper pillow is filled with 75% white duck down, giving you a soft and comfortable feeling, and the lower pillow is filled with high-quality white duck feathers to provide support, combined use makes the pillow soft and supportive, giving you a perfect sleeping experience.
  • Double-Layer Design Side Sleeping Pillow: Make your side sleeping position more natural and comfortable, make your breathing smooth, reduce snoring, when you sleep on your side, your hand can be inserted into the space of the pillow, no longer have to worry about sleeping on your hands will be sore.
  • Multiple Usage: You can use 2 parts in combination, it will give you a comfortable side sleeping experience, you can also use the upper layer alone, the soft white duck down filling will give you a sweet dream. Meet your various sleep needs.
  • Comes with Full 100% Cotton Brushed Pillowcase: More soft and comfortable, anti-allergic, very breathable and moisture-absorbing, giving you a cool sleep, black ribbon lock design, simple and fashionable.
  • Full and Even Filling: Filled with high-quality down, it supports your head and neck while providing you with a gentle sleep. Pillow can maintain height without collapsing.