LavAzza Espresso Point ECL Machine



The new LavAzza ECL Espresso and Cappuccino machine operates with the new and exclusive LavAzza Point cartridges.
Compatible with double shot cartridges but comes with an adaptor to use single shot LavAzza Point capsules aswell!
Every double cartridge has the right amount of coffee, with the proper grinding, to obtain two espressos in one brew!
Besides its convenience and user-friendliness, the LavAzza cartridge system guarantees all the aroma and freshness, thanks to a vacuum packaging process.
Dimensions: Approx: 35.5 x 22 x 28.5cm
Weight: Approx. 6kg
Used cartridge container: Can hold up to 12 cartridges.
Housing materials: ABS Polycarbonate and stainless steel.