LOREX 4K Smart Deterrence Bullet CVI Wired Camera, C884DA


$39.95 $99.95



Brand: LOREX

Model: C884DA


Catch all the details in superior video quality with the Lorex 4K Smart Deterrence CVI Wired Bullet Camera. This camera sports a suite of features, such as Color Night Vision, Dual Warning LED lights and a siren to enhance security and ensure peace of mind.


Impressive clarity and wider coverage


Get the best view of your property around-the-clock with stunning 4K clarity and vivid Color Night Vision.



Experience the promise of 4K

At the core of this camera is an 8MP image sensor. 8MP means there are more than 8 million pixels, which results in exceptionally sharp 4K video, realistic color representation, and superior digital zoom capabilities. The 108° wide-angle lens also allows your camera to monitor a broader area so you see more and detect motion earlier.


Customize Your Warning Lights

Set your camera's smart LED light to a blue or white hue as desired. Assign white or blue colors to motion events like Person and Vehicle detection.


Toggle the switch below to change the camera's LED color: