Lorex LHB806 Series 6 Channel 1080p HD Wire-Free DVR with 16/32 HDD LHB806



  • Compatibility: This DVR ONLY works with Lorex LWB3800 and LWB3900 Series Wire-Free Security Cameras LHB806

16 or 32GB storage

Comes in original box with power adapter, ethernet cable 

  • HD Picture Quality: When combined with Lorex wire-free cameras, this DVR is capable of recording in 1080p HD resolution on all six channels - the highest resolution available in wire-free technology.
  • Easy Installation: Use this DVR exclusively with Lorex wire-free cameras. These wire-free cameras connect wirelessly to the DVR with a simple "pairing" function.
  • Advanced Motion Detection: This built-in sensor detects heat from moving objects such as people or animals. Upon detection, the wire-free security camera will automatically wake up and start sending video wirelessly to the DVR.
  • Local Storage & Lorex Cirrus: 16GB of local storage. This DVR has been designed to store video data locally. Connect this wire-free DVR to our Lorex Cirrus app to view your wire-free cameras from virtually anywhere in the world.