lot of 4 Lorex C883DA Indoor Outdoor Deterrence HD 4K Security Camera




LOT of 4

Comes with 4 X 50 feet BNC Cable

Lorex C883DA Indoor Outdoor Deterrence HD 4K Security Camera

This camera is compatible with the following models

Lorex D841 Series

Lorex D861 Series

Lorex D871

LHV5100 Series

LHV5100W Series


About this item

  • 4K WEATHERPROOF CAMERA: 4K security camera provides clear video resolution. The wide 105 degree field of view allows you to cover large areas. With IP67 Weatherproof rating the camera can withstand the harshest weather conditions. The protective metal housing permits rain, snow, wind, and temperatures ranging from -40˚F to 140˚F.
  • ACTIVE DETERRENCE: This camera comes equipped with a motion-activated LED warning light and a remote-triggered alarm, adding an additional layer of security.
  • COLOR NIGHT VISION: Keep your family and possessions safe. Equipped with infrared LEDs, these cameras provide clear, colored video quality with IR night vision for up to 135ft, letting you identify objects and people more accurately than in black and white.
  • INCLUDES: Only camera and mounting kit are included in the package.
  • COMPATIBILITY: These add-on cameras are compatible with Lorex D841/D841B/D861-Series and LHV5100/5100W-Series DVRs.