MEMOREX Mini DVD-RW DISC 2x 1.4GB 30min 10 pack

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$14.95 $29.95


 Perfect for every movie maker who gets behind a camera, Memorex's mini DVD-RW rewritable discs are ideal for direct-to-DVD camcorders and also work in most DVD burners and players. The discs record at 1x-2x speeds and provide a compact storage method for multimedia presentations, videos, MP3 files and other data. At eight centimeters in diameter, these high-performance, high-quality Memorex Mini DVDs offer consumers an exceptional combination of performance and versatility. 1X-2X DVD-RW 8cm media packs are rewritable, single-sided discs and can store up to 1.4GB of data and approximately 30 minutes of video. The DVD-RW disc was developed for DVD-RW/- R drives, DVD-RW/-R camcorders and can be played back in most DVD players. The disc must be initialized before recording and finalized after completion of recording process