New, BeautyBio GloPRO Eye Microtip Attachment Head




GloPRO® EYE MicroTip™ Attachment Head is designed exclusively for use with GloPRO®. As the EYE MicroTip™ Attachment Head passes over the skin, the rejuvenation process begins immediately as cells respond to imperceptible micro-channels by restoring volume from the inside out. The result is a visibly firmer, smoother, and more refined appearance.

Containing 240 surgical stainless steel micro-needles, the narrow GloPRO® EYE MicroTip™ Attachment Head is designed for precise, targeted treatments of hard to reach areas – specifically fine lines within the ocular space and above the lips. GloPRO® is designed to help skin appear firmer and make lines and wrinkles less noticeable for a more luminous and refined appearance. Used alone or as a companion to your favorite serums and creams, this youth-promoting tool magnifies the benefits of key anti-aging ingredients making absorption easier while enhancing overall skincare performance.