NEW, DIY Insect Screen Repair Kit 36" x 84"

$4.95 $24.95


Kit Contains:
•Fiberglass insect screening
•Screen installation roller
•Screening spline

When replacing screening remove the screen frame from window and lay it on a flat surface. Secure the frame to surface to avoid movement of flexing of the frame. Wood lattice strips taped to a table will do. Place small blocks of wood against the inside center of each side of the screen frame.

1.Remove existing screening and discard old screening and spline. wipe spline groove clean.
2.Lay screen over frame using two edges of the screen to align with the outside edge of the framing.
3.Use new spline with screen rolling tool to press screen and spline into spline groove on first two sides.
4.Stretch screen tightly over frame using one hand to hold spline and screen in position.
5.Using a utility knife, trim off any excess screen, by cutting between the spline and outside edge of the spline groove.

*This roll contains enough screening for two average windows or one full-length door.