NEW, Dudley The Real Deal Adjustable Locker Organizer Shelf




The adjustable locker shelf from Dudley allows you to use all the space in your locker, letting you fit more in and keep things organized.


The 11" x 12" shelf fits standard lockers and is adjustable from 3" x 9" high. If you are looking for a higher shelf, combine more than one unit together to reach heights beyond 9".


This heavy duty shelf can withstand the daily use during school life. The unique surface texture adds to keep your belongs from sliding down. The recessed grooves throughout the top of the shelf provides added stability when keeping your textbooks upright, giving you more space to store your belongings.


No need o worry about losing any of the legs. All leg pieces nest and snap into the bottom base of the shelf. Lightweight and compact, this shelf can be transported and used at school, gym, office or even your home, office.