NEW, Litehawk DJ-BOT Robot, Age 6+ - Orange Slice or Raspberry


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USB Charger Included, Batteries not required

Colour Choices: Raspberry or Orange Slice

DJ-BOT  is the fun little Bluetooth App enabled robot speaker that dances to your tunes. It can pick up the beat and dance up a storm or you can choreograph each step. Learn to program your robot using the easy to use menu

Steps and moves can be programmed one command at a time. Create hilarious dance moves or try for the moonwalk. Assign light-up facial expression emotes to each move, picking from a list or create your own.

Charismatic DJ-Bot is a ham too, it tells jokes. New jokes are added continuously. Sync your music files or stream tunes from your favourite source.

  • Download the app to your phone or tablet to control your DJ-Bot's articulated legs and feet and to access the emotes menu.
  • Choreograph dance steps via the programming menu that features four direction slider bars, a movement duration slider bar and an emote icon selector menu. Save the routine for playback.
  • Control DJ-Bot to go for a walk around and explore. Test your skills at avoiding obstacles. Track an object.
  • Compose your own music! Includes motion activated scales.
  • Over 90 minutes of play time on a single charge.