NEW, Piloxin After Shave Balm Slows Hair Regrowth- 50 ml





•Contains Depiline™ (Sederma, France), a new vectorised form of naturally derived Palmatine. This compound has been
clinically proven to reduce hair growth by up to 48% after just two months of regular use after shaving.
•Contains Papain, a special enzyme from Papaya Fruit. This enzyme helps to gently digest surface hairs, making them appear
lighter and less voluminous.
•Contains Bisabolol, a selected derivative of the Chamomile plant, to help reduce redness and razor burn.
•Contains Allantoin for its proven, soothing effects on sensitive skin.
•Contains Vegetable Glycerin and Vegetable Triglycerides, working together to help keep your skin smooth, soft and moisturized for hours after shaving.
•Alcohol-Free formula is ultra-soothing, never stinging.
•Suitable for all skin types.
•Perfect for men or women.
•pH-balanced for optimum performance.
•Not tested on animals.