NEW, TACKLIFE 800A Peak 18000mAh 12V Auto Battery Booster Jump Starter

$49.95 $99.95


Tacklife has products in different categories to meet everyone's needs, including automotive tools, power tools, home tools, 20V series tools and outdoor tools. Always embraces the increasingly digital and interconnected world and strives to create innovative solutions for everyday needs. Tacklife T8 is the one of the most popular products among Tacklife products. It has fabulous design with classic black main color and passionate midnight green line crossed. The high quality battery enables T8 to be a power bank, charging electric products such as cell phone, ear pods and iPad. The LCD and LED light on T8 shows electricity level and can be a light source in darkness. Don’t worry about your safety. T8 has reverse protection which protects your car from the incorrect operations.

Tacklife 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter Up to 7.0L Gas, 5.5L Diesel Engine, 12V Auto Battery Booster T8 Red

  • 800 amps peak current, 18000mAh capacity
  • Hold charge for up to 12 months once fully charged.
  • jump start 12V cars, SUV, trucks or vans up to 30 times on a 4.5-hour full charge.
  • Charge phones with 5v/9v Quick Charge and other car accessories with 12V 10A DC port.
  • The full metal clamps are built to last and are ergonomically designed to be easy to open.
  • Multifunctional life-saver with a strobe, red light, SOS signal and built-in Compass.
  • The digital LCD screen clearly displays the remaining power of the T8 jump starter.
  • The specially designed indicator notifies you incorrect use with an audible buzz and flashing lights.