Nike+ iPod Sensor Running Shoes Sensor for Apple,iPhone,iPod (NA0015-100) Unisex




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Nike + iPod Sensor
The Nike+ Sensor makes it easy to track your time, distance, pace and more while you run. Afterward, upload your run data to, the world's largest running club, where you can monitor your progress, join challenges, map your runs and connect with friends.The sensor is sold individually, so it's ideal if you're due for a replacement, want another one for a second pair of Nike+ ready shoes, or need one to hook up to your Apple device. Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, iPhone, touch and nano are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

How it Works?
Simply place the Nike+ Sensor under the sockliner of your left Nike+ ready shoe and start running to sync it with your Nike+ SportWatch GPS, iPhone 3GS ® or other Nike+ tracking device. The sensor measures your pace, distance, time elapsed and calories burned. This information is transmitted wirelessly to your device for real-time feedback while you train.

What Else You Need?
1.A pair of Nike+ ready shoes
2.Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP2), Windows 7 or later.
3.Internet access to connect to
4.One of the following: Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom (sensor included and optional); Nike+ SportBand (sensor included); iPod nano ® and Nike+ Receiver; iPod touch ® 2G; iPhone 3GS ® or Iphone 4/4S/5/5S/6/6 plus

In Box Contents:
•Wireless sensor for Nike+ shoes
•Printed documentation