Philips Sonicare Flexcare White UV Sanitizer Charger HX6160 For HX6920 HX6930 NEW OPEN

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This item will charge your Philips toothbrush and sanitize the brush head

The item will work with the following models:
HX6911/02 | HX6431/02 | HX6972/10 | HX6150 | HX6711/02 | HX6710/02 | HX6733/70| HX6311/02 | HX6711/02 |HX6712/75 | HX6730 | HX6731/02 | Hx6341/02 | HX6932 |HX6930 | HX6712/83 | HX6732/02| 700 series | rs782 |R782 R710 R700 | R732 R780 |RS900 RS910 | RS930 | RS980 RS930 RS900 |RS950