TACKLIFE Non-Contact AC Voltage Tester with Adjustable Sensitivity, LCD Display -VT02



 Safe and Convenient, The Voltage Pen Tester Detects Voltage in a Non-Contact Way, So Do Not Worry about There Could be any Possibility of being Shocked by the Electricity.
✔ High Efficiency, As Long As Voltage is Detected, the Led in the Tester Pen will Shine.
✔ Multifunction, Easy to Use, It Also Acts as an Emergency Flashlight which can Illuminate the Working Area, You can Use the Non-Contact Voltage Detector in Circuit Breakers, Lighting Fixtures, Switches, Outlets, Wires and Anywhere You Need it.


  • [Non-Contact & Safe Voltage Tester] - Testing can be achieved without physical contact for its NCV Inductive Probe; Insulation operation ensures the safety of testing; In testing AC voltage, it can automatically detect the live wire or null wire; Intelligently identify Electric Field; In the vicinity of the voltage to be tested, the pen will give an alarming sound; Safety Compliance: CAT.III 1000V CAT.IV 600V; CE.
  • [Adjustable Sensitivity & Dual Range Testing] - Adjustable sensitivity makes its measurement more sensitive and flexible; The Voltage Tester Pen has the dual testing range, you can adjust the sensitivity according to your needs(12-1000V AC or 48-1000V AC); Automatic Recognition of Voltage Intensity; In using, the NVC sensor of the probe can automatically identify the voltage and display it on the LCD screen, simple and clear.
  • [High Definition LCD Screen & Low Battery Indicator] - When testing the voltage, the brightness bar on the screen will tell you the voltage intensity; The screen will light up in red or green to distinguish the Live/Null Wire; When the battery voltage drops to less than 2.5 V, the flashlight of LED display reminds you to replace the battery.
  • [Buzzer Alarm & LED Flashlight] - A white LED flashlight with high brightness and low power consumption helps in illuminating the workspace in dark; The lighting lamp and the probe are combined together, convenient for measuring; The buzzer alarm is loud; Triple alarms of sound, light and screen display for testing.
  • [Auto Power Off & Portable Pencil Hook] - After about 3 minutes without any operation or signal detection, the voltage detector will be automatically shut down to extend the battery life and save energy; the convenient portable pencil hook helps you to take it out easily; 24-month service.