Ecoegg Dryer Eggs with Fragrance Sticks, lot of 2



Ecoegg's Dryer Eggs are perfect if you use a tumble dryer. Simply put both eggs in the dryer and switch on. Inside the machine, the two eggs will do three things: they will lift and separate your clothes, making them dry 28% quicker; the nodules on the eggs gently massage the fibres of the clothes, making them softer (which also means that you don't need to add fabric softener); and the heat of the tumble dryer activates the fragrance, leaving your clothes smelling beautiful.

Ecoegg began trading in 2008. Its first product was the Laundry Egg, developed as an alternative to chemical-laden products. Ecoegg now sells in over 34 countries and has over 20 products. The brand also recently won a Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation 2016. All of Ecoegg's products are kind to the environment and kind to your skin.

• Composition: plastic casing; plastic fragrance sticks infused with a mixture of essential oils 
• Care: do not use above 90°C
• Country of Origin: UK