BGGUANG Compressed Air Duster,Continuously Variable Speed to 100000RPM Rechargeable Electric Air Duster Portable Air Blower, Cordless Air Duster for Computer Keyboard Swimming Ring 7000mAh Fast Charge

$29.95 $79.95

  • Compressed Air Duster - The air duster has a 100000 RPM motor. Just power on and switch. At the same time it has the characteristics of low energy consumption and low noise.
  • Air dusters【Easy to Carry】This cordless air dusters is easy to carry design, it's small, lightweight, comfortable to hold, and easy to cleaning homes, offices and car.
  • Electric air duster【Energy saving and environmental protection】 -compressed air dust collector can be used as a substitute for canned air, and can be recharged and used repeatedly, which can effectively save energy and protect the environment. This is an environmentally friendly air dust collector. At the same time, it carries a 7000mAh battery capacity, allowing you to clean anywhere.
  • Wireless Air Duster【USB-C&LED Lighting】 Air duster collector adopts usb-c charging design, which makes the charging speed faster and can shorten the waiting time. Compress air duster is also designed with an LED light, which will automatically light up when you turn on the electric air duster. It allows you to easily clean dark corners and brings great convenience to your cleaning work.
  • Compressed Air Dusters【Accessories】 compressed air duster is equipped with nozzles for cleaning different areas, the air duster can also be used to inflate swimming rings etc. It is perfect for home, office and car dust cleaning.