Stanley TapperMax 9, 9ft Indoor Cord with Tapper Switch

$4.95 $10.98


Enhance convenience with this extension cord featuring 3 polarized outlets. Its unique hand/foot switch allows easy control of lights and appliances with a simple tap, optimizing energy usage. Outlet safety covers ensure added protection against shocks or accidents. With a lengthy 9 ft. AWG 16/2 SPT-2 vinyl cord, it provides flexibility in placement. Rated at 125VAC/60Hz/13A/1625W and CETL approved, this cord offers a safe and efficient solution for managing your electronic devices while adhering to safety standards. Elevate your setup with this user-friendly and secure extension cord.

• 3 Polarized outlets
• Extension cord with hand/foot switch
• Turn your lights & appliances ON and OFF with a simple tap
• Outlet safety covers help to protect against shock or harm
• 9 ft. AWG 16/2 SPT-2 vinyl cord
• Rated: 125VAC/60Hz/13A/1625W
• CETL Approva