TACKLIFE Mini Heat Gun, 350W/662°F Hot Air Gun with 6.56Ft Long Cable-HGP35AC


$9.95 $29.99


High-power rapid heating, the maximum power is 350W, and the maximum temperature reaches about 350°C. The use of nickel-chromium heating wire structure and mica bracket can accelerate the heat dissipation speed and prolong the service life. Simple and lightweight design, stainless steel tuyere, external PC&PA6 + 30GF is more durable, plastic shell uses non-slip soft rubber; can be used to burn powder, remove old paint, heat to shrink film, defrost and remove dirt, etc., very suitable for DIY. 2M long battery and extra long power cable make the working area larger

  • High Power: Heat gun for epoxy resin can reach at about 350℃/662℉ easily in seconds with 350W high power which can make the work more quicker and efficient.

  • Overheating Protection: Heat gun for crafts will not get smoke or burning after long time using because of nickel-chromium heating wire structure and mica bracket, which can speed up heat dissipation and extend the service life.

  • Well Made Design: Our portable heat guns is lightweight(0.6 lb) heat tool due to the excellent scientific ergonomic design which can prevent repetitive strain injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders; Non-slip rubber grip makes your hand comfortable and easier to hold the product tightly.

  • Easy and Long Endurance: Just put on plug and turn on switch, then starting to work. heat shrink gun can be used for 250 hours constantly because of its long endurance which is the guarantee of your successful project.

  • Wide Application and Product Service: With the reflector nozzle, you can use the small heat gun for shrink wrapping, epoxy resin, crafts, vinyl wrap, wire connectors, candle making, shrink tubing, embossing, phone repair, electronics, remove painting, shrink tubing, defrost, remove mud dirt and so on. PRODUCT SERVICE: if you have any questions about our product in 2 years, please contact us, we are happy to help.




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