Weed Puller, 3.3ft Stainless Steel Weeder and Plastic Long Handle GSW1A



  • 3 Sturdy Steel Claws: The garden weed puller is made of 3 stainless steel tines, and the pedals are made of high strength materials. Therefore, the lawn weeder tool can penetrate hard soil to grasp the roots of the grass.
  • 3.3ft Length Design: The 3.3ft handle allows you to eliminate weeds without squatting or bending down, which can help alleviate pain caused by knee and back problems. It's also easy to store.
  • Automatic Rebound Device: The automatic pop-up setting helps you remove weeds and reduces the fatigue caused by manual operation. It doesn't need to be pulled back, so weed pulling can be done more quickly.
  • Comfortable Long Handle: Designed with an improved ergonomic handle, it provides you with a better grip and reduces wrist fatigue. You don't need to bend down to remove dandelions and other weeds.
  • Safe and Green: There is no need to use harmful herbicides or chemicals. Using the weed grabber is safer for the environment, children, and pets. It is an ideal weeder for your garden and lawn.